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The unsung hero of Downtown Srinagar: Meet Zahoor Mir

The unsung hero of Downtown Srinagar: Meet Zahoor Mir

By Haji Fayaz Sofi JKFA

Srinagar, June 25: In ’70s many great private teams flourished in civil lines of Srinagar, one such team was from the area of Eidgah, Iqbal Sports Bul Bul Lanker Srinagar. The club immensely helped in bringing young talent to the forefront. The Iqbal Sports competed for the neck to neck with that time top teams like Transport, Food and Supplies, JK Police team, and many others. Many players of Iqbal Sports, later on, played from these top clubs.

Zahoor Ahmad Mir was born on 10th December 1952 at Bul Bul Lanker Nawakadal Srinagar. He went to Govt High School Rangtang Nawakadal, from where he played at Inter School Tournament. In finals, his team lost against Batmaloo High School. Later he went to Hamdania School Nawakadal. Officially he started his career in 1968 from Iqbal Sports Bul Bul Lanker Srinagar. He remained part of the club for two years. In late 1972, he joined Transport Team. In this team, he had the opportunity to play along with that time great players. For a year he didn’t get the chance to be part of the playing XI.
In 1973 during a match at Polo Ground, one of the great players from the transport team, who played as a left wing-back, received a red card on account of a heated argument with the Referee. The player was banned for a year by JKFA. This proved a blessing in disguise for Zahoor Ahmad Mir. As he got the opportunity to play at the left extreme back. For a year he continued to be part of playing XI in Transport Team.
In October 1974 he joined Food And Supplies and played as a midfielder. Zahoor Ahmad Mir was a player of a cool temperament, he played the sensible game as a Midfielder, his passes were neat and clean and helped his teammates. He was a master of free kicks and having good stamina. His marking of opponents was perfect. Playing as a left wing-back, his overlapping of opponents was good. He was a very quick player and easily came to his position. His head work was brilliant. He was capable of playing in different positions. He played all India civil service tournament at Srinagar when two selected state teams Red team and Blue team participated at this tournament. He was part of the Red team.
In 1975 he was selected in-state team for playing at Durand Cup Delhi against Andhra Pradesh Police Team. The coach of the state team at that time was Legend S. A. Hameed. In 1976 he played as a padded player for KMD Mohammaden at Invitation Gold Cup Jaipur.
In 1978 he became captain of the food and supplies team. He played, as part of, food and supplies at many top tournaments of India and also played all the tournaments in the state. In 1988 he retired from the game. Then he became the coach of the food and supplies team from 2008 to 2009. He retired from services in 2010. On 30th June 1989, he qualified as Class III Referee from UP Sports Control Board. As a referee, he officiated many matches and proved good in this role as well.
He is a very helpful person and always helps JKFA in organizing matches at Eidgah ground and other grounds as well. He is a very humble person. He continues to guide and help young players. He is a nice and quiet individual. And continues to work for the development of the game.

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