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From Rugby player to owning a sports club; Meet Aamir Surma

From Rugby player to owning a sports club; Meet Aamir Surma

Srinagar, October 18: Born to Dr. Mohammad Shafi Surma, Aamir Surma is one of those people, who have put their efforts into bringing a sports revolution in Kashmir.

Being from a well-off Surma Family and father being Dr, it must have been quite tough for Aamir to chose sports as a career. But, to his surprise, his father was a Cricket lover and he let Aamir pursue a career in sports along with studies. Alumni of Burn Hall School Srinagar, Aamir started his Rugby career with the School B team. With his performances, Aamir was promoted to A team at School. With time, Aamir captained JK in Rugby, participating in more than 15 national events along with playing a few club internationals. Aamir also represented Pune Rugby, Bangalore RFC, and Delhi Rugby.

Finishing his career in Rugby, Aamir after completing his MBA got into Restaurant and Supply business. Later on, Aamir started his own sports club under the name of “TEAM HOOKED” which in no time made a name of its own everywhere especially in cricket.

Aamir says, “The idea of starting a Cricket Club came because my Father is very fond of cricket and I being a Rugby player thought by starting this club I will somehow be satisfied that I could do what my father liked most”. Team Hooked has won a number of titles in these years and a lot of young players have made a name for themselves through this club. Aamir says he’s quite content with what he is doing for sports here. Aamir just wants every Kashmiri to be fit and healthy and sports play a big part in that. Aamir wishes more and more youth and even elderly people should live a fit lifestyle as already we Kashmiris are suffering from depression and youth is, unfortunately, indulging more in bad habits. Aamir’s motive is “Lets come forward and make Kashmir more beautiful and Kashmir’s more fit”
For Aamir, his inspirations along the way have been, “Ma Nonu” an All blacks legend, and in India his favorites were Happy Singh and Puneet Sir from Delhi and Bangalore respectively. In Kashmir, Aamir has been a fan of Umer khan, who has been his inspiration right from the start. Aamir also wants to thank all Kashmiris for supporting and making “Team Hooked” popular and he is dedicating this team to the people of Kashmir.


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