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Among the top football players of 1970s: Meet Bhat Brothers of Sariabala

Among the top football players of 1970s: Meet Bhat Brothers of Sariabala

Srinagar, June 24: In 1970s football was at its peak in the city. Local private teams like Kashmir Sports, Leader Club, Mohammaden Sports, and others played football at Gol Bagh (Iqbal Park).

Mohammad Aslam Bhat played football as a forward, from the SP college team. As part of this team, he played at Inter-State College Tournaments, and then in 1972, he joined Leader Club, one of the best clubs with young talent. A tall and a smart person, he proved his skills in the game. He scored many goals both from the college team and the club.

Tariq Ahmad Bhat born on 14 August 1965 at Saraibala, was from childhood inspired by his brother. He went to Khalsa School and then Higher Secondary School Gogji Bagh. He participated in Inter School tournaments and played first All India School Nationals held at Srinagar in 1980-81, as a right out. In 1982 he joined Iqbal Sports Club, the first official club of his football career. He received guidance and training from senior players of the club. He emerged as a fast and speedy right out and scored many goals. His corner kicks were perfect and converted easily into goals by teammates.

Tariq Bhat received an offer from two departments R&B and Forest. He chose the Forest Dept and joined in 1985. He played as a midfielder in this team. The Forest Team emerged as a top team of the time. Then in October 1987, he joined the J&K Police team and played as a midfielder. In 1989 he received an offer from J&K Bank, which he accepted. His talent was further brushed by the legend Abdul Majeed Kakroo, then coach of Bank team. In 2000 he retired from the game and presently he is Executive in J&K Bank. Tariq Bhat received, out of admiration, the nickname “Jaji”. He was an energetic and smart player. His game and personality resembled European Footballers. As a midfielder, he played very roughly.

Bhat’s ball dribbling was classic. He could smoothly snatch the ball from the opponent. His passes were neat and clean and created many chances for forwards. As a midfielder, he was a stamina based player. He was firm in his position. For more than a decade he remained among the top players of the then state. And as part of playing XI of every team, he was off. He scored many goals out of free kicks. He played Junior Nationals at Coimbatore Madras. He represented then state in Santosh Trophy at Kerala and Mandi Himachal Pradesh.

He played with Police team Federation Cup Delhi 1988. He played as part of Kashmir XI at the Confederation Cup Nepal. He played all the top tournaments of India as well as in the state as part of the J&K Bank team.
Both brothers are very humble and nice individuals. Everyone respect and admire them. They share friendly relationships with everyone.

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