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Always leading from the front: Meet skipper Xubair Dar

Written by Danish Aafaqi

Three titles in a row. Police Cup, Varmul Cup, and Angeles trophy.

A successful team, they say, beats with one heart. It is more about “WE” and less about “I”.

Well done Xubair Ahmed, you were treat to watch as a skipper and your game awareness is top-notch. You are among the best Captain I have ever seen in this Gentleman’s game of cricket. You were wholly and solely involved in the game whatever the situation happens, You never bothered about the big Names who were playing on opposite sides of your team in all the three Climaxes.

Cricket is not all about winning the leagues and trophies. While talking with a couple of your teammates they said. Your dedication towards the team speaks volumes like how you are managing things. You are a superstar. You have inbuilt Leadership qualities backing the player’s when they are suffering and not performing has been your prime aptitude. Three back-to-back titles in a row. You Richly deserve viral praise and congratulations.

Jahangir Bakshi keeps reminding us what a legend he is. The wall of Baramulla Reds. For the last decade, he has proved that he is the Big game player and a great batting mate! And Zaib Rasheed, Jehangir Lone are the powerhouses and currently the best all-rounders in business as far as the J&K is concerned. They both are match-winners with the bat and the ball. Xubair Ahmad Keep winning the Grand finals all the very best for Mumbai and Pune tour Hope you will take this momentum with you.

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