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A hero has taken birth in the form of “Abdul Samad”: Virender Sehwag

In a recent live discussion with Gaurav Kapoor on Cricbuzz, Virender Sehwag and Manoj Tiwary praised the young talented cricketer of Jammu and Kashmir Abdul Samad after his recent batting performances in the IPL2020. Samad playing for Sunrises Hyderabad almost took them over the line in the last match but luck wasn’t on his side and he perished after a short blistering cameo.

Taking about Samad, Sehwag said, he was very much happy about seeing Samad performing at the top level. Sehwag said, Samad is still very much young and if he is groomed properly, he can be the next superstar cricketer from Jammu and Kashmir. He has the talent and needs to work more to reach the pinnacle of his career. Sehwag also mentioned the lack of facilities in Jammu and Kashmir. Samad doesn’t get many matches or regular practice till the first-class season starts which in itself is a hurdle for him. And getting over this and making it to the top is praiseworthy.

Manoj Tiwary also praised Samad in the same way. He said, that he watched the highlights of Samad’s inning in the Ranji Trophy and he was very much impressed by his ability to strike clean. If I remember, Abid Nabi, Parvez Rasool and now Samad, all are heroes in their own way IPL is a platform where heroes are born and Samad is one among them. We hope, he makes it big next year too.


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